Salvaged wood for your fireplace or woodburning stove
Civitas Firewood

For several years Civitas has salvaged hardwoods from construction sites. Our student workers split and stack the wood during slow periods. During the burning season we deliver this wood to Manhattan customers (typically the same day).

This season we will be delivering wood that we salvaged from the Wal-Mart site (and other 2002-2004 local construction projects). Without the hard work of our students, this resource would have ended up at the Riley County Landfill.

Your purchase of this wood helps reduce the demand on our landfill and perpetuate our employment of students.

Our price this year for mixed woods is $95.00 per rick, $180 per cord and for Oak is $115 per rick, $210 per cord, delivered.

A rick or 1/2 cord (8' x 4' x 2') is approximately equivalent to a pick up truck bed.

Thank you for considering Civitas' salvaged wood for your fireplace and/or woodburning stove. If we can be of service, please click the banner below or call 785-537-3773.

Rod Harms, owner/craftsman
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